We thank you for your ongoing support and for choosing us as one of your favourite hotels worldwide. Year after year, the Nissi Beach Resort has been awarded with an extensive variety of awards from prestigious organisations including:

TUI Environmental Champion

TUI Deutschland launched the TUI Environmental Champion award in 1996 to honour and reward contracted hotels pioneering in environmentally friendly and future-oriented hotel management. The TUI Environmental Champion award is the second most important and acclaimed recognition sought by hoteliers.

HolidayCheck Award

The HolidayCheck award is based on the reviews by travelers who have been staying at these hotels. It recognizes the excellence of hotels within the entire world and is earned by exceeding guests’ expectations, with perfect service on a daily basis

Travelife Gold Award

For Sustainable & Environmentally Aware Hotels, Travelife is an organisation that has been set up to address issues of ‘sustainability’ with suppliers of hotels, excursions and transportation. The Travelife Awards are an internationally recognised award scheme for hotels who embrace green tourism practices and attain high standards of sustainability management. Achieving a Travelife award isn’t easy – it requires management and staff commitment, investment of time and money, and can even lead to a business totally transforming the way it operates.

Silver Environment Protector Award

The Cyprus Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CYCERE) bestow the Silver Environment Protector Award to the an organisation / business, whose main purpose is the protection and rational management of the natural environment, by taking actions that contribute to the environmental consciousness of its visitors / customers. It has also conducted more than one environmental policy, either autonomously or in collaboration with CYCERE, by promoting the development of environmental practices aimed at reducing the negative impact of man on nature.