Dear Guest

As the world has to navigate through the current crisis, the Nissi Beach Resort would like to personally reassure you of our strong commitment to the health, safety and security of our guest, team members and business partners. It is our highest priority, as it has always been, and a comprehensive risk assessment on COVID-19 and subsequent procedures are in full progress.

In order to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the Republic of Cyprus has put various regulations in place affecting the Nissi Beach Resort and the service we are able to provide. It is of utmost importance to us that we seamlessly implement the concluded decisions.

As per governmental decrees incoming flights are restricted only to residents of Cyprus returning to their homes and hotels have been closed down until the 9th of June 2020, as per current standings. However, this date will be dependent on the successful implementation of the gradual lifting of lockdown measures and the positive progress and control of the pandemic in our guests’ home countries.

Due to different rules and regulations applying to each country, we strongly advise you to keep yourself updated with your own country’s travel restrictions, and follow-up with your airline and Tour Operator on the repercussions it might have on your travel plans.

We thank you for your support, your understanding and your continued loyalty. Until our next update, stay healthy and positive – sunnier days are coming back soon.


The Nissi Beach Resort Team

Расположенный в городе Айя-Напа, в районе Фамагусты на о-ве Кипр, курорт Nissi Beach Resort заработал репутацию настоящего райского места, которым можно наслаждаться круглый год.

Расположенный в бухте на одном из лучших белых песчаных пляжей с чистым бирюзовым морем, курорт получил свое название от небольшого острова этой бухты («ниси» по-гречески). Курорт расположен среди обширных, великолепных садов, с красочными средиземноморскими растениями и душистыми цветами. Это место является природным убежищем для различных птиц, в том числе и для дружелюбных пеликанов!

Команда Nissi Beach Resort с нетерпением ждет встречи с вами, чтобы подарить вам волшебный и незабываемый отдых. Мы с радостью поможем вам получить максимальное удовольствие от этого оазиса отдыха и релаксации.


Stunning Shades of Blue

at Nissi Beach Resort